Nature-inspired interiors, deep forest greens and room accessories are on our homes wish lists for autumn 2021, according to research from Pinterest.

The results are an image of cosiness & warmth. Unsurprisingly, nature-inspired interiors are at the top of the list, as we ease ourselves into colder autumn months by bringing the outside in.

The most popular colour according to the research is dark green, followed by warm neutrals. “Shades of green have always been popular in interiors but dark green specifically has regained popularity the past few years and will again be seen a lot during autumn 2021. A great way to liven up a dated space is to add a statement piece of dark green furniture paired with neutral wall paint and accessories of earthy hues,” says Lauren of Otella Studios.

The top 10 autumn interior trends for 2021 are:

  1. Nature inspired (287,506 pins)
  2. Classic contemporary (190,090 pins)
  3. Room dividers (108,708 pins)
  4. Silver furnishings (94,625 pins)
  5. Dark green décor (90,870 pins)
  6. Shaped furniture (68,248 pins)
  7. Warm neutrals (66,476 pins)
  8. Layered rooms (51,678 pins)
  9. Mixed textures (35,299 pins)
  10. Reading corner (18,777 pins)

More than 50,000 pins were dedicated to the art of layering (Layered rooms), a nonchalant design approach that mixes colour, material and pattern.

“Mixing textures is a key way interior designers add interest, richness and soul into any project,” says Lauren. “For autumn and leading into the colder months look to mix darker coloured textures such as wood, (faux) leather, marble and brass with softer fabrics such as wool, mohair, boucle and cottons.”

At Flanagan Kerins, our very own in-house Interiors Specialists love working with room accessories and shades to create the perfect living space. Starting with the choice in fabric for your new sofas, through matching end tables, lamps, mirrors and paintings. Drop by our furniture store to see our very own autumn interior trends on display and feel free to ask our instore team for assistance.

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