Fabric Sofas

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Trinity Midi SofaTrinity Midi Sofa
Trinity Midi Sofa
Sale price€4,145.00
Trinity Petit SofaTrinity Petit Sofa
Trinity Petit Sofa
Sale price€3,975.00
Bellevue Extra Large Sofa
Bellevue Extra Large Sofa
Sale price€3,195.00
Bellevue Medium SofaBellevue Medium Sofa
Bellevue Medium Sofa
Sale price€2,885.00
Abigail Grand Sofa
Abigail Grand Sofa
Sale price€4,295.00
Abigail Midi Sofa
Abigail Midi Sofa
Sale price€3,945.00
Abigail Snuggler Chair
Abigail Snuggler Chair
Sale price€2,545.00
Penrose SofaPenrose Sofa
Penrose Sofa
Sale price€2,565.00
Como Extra Large SofaComo Extra Large Sofa
Como Extra Large Sofa
Sale price€2,540.00
Como Large SofaComo Large Sofa
Como Large Sofa
Sale price€1,965.00
Como Medium SofaComo Medium Sofa
Como Medium Sofa
Sale price€1,735.00
Como Snuggler ChaiseComo Snuggler Chaise
Como Snuggler Chaise
Sale price€1,675.00
Como SnugglerComo Snuggler
Como Snuggler
Sale price€1,275.00
Cantrell 3 Seater - BlueCantrell 3 Seater - Blue
Cantrell 3 Seater - Blue
Sale price€1,055.00
Cantrell 2 Seater - BlueCantrell 2 Seater - Blue
Cantrell 2 Seater - Blue
Sale price€895.00
Cantrell 1 Seater – BlueCantrell 1 Seater – Blue
Cantrell 1 Seater – Blue
Sale price€549.00
Cantrell 3 Seater - Light GreyCantrell 3 Seater - Light Grey
Cantrell 3 Seater - Light Grey
Sale price€1,055.00
Cantrell 2 Seater - Light GreyCantrell 2 Seater - Light Grey
Cantrell 2 Seater - Light Grey
Sale price€895.00
Cantrell 1 Seater – Light GreyCantrell 1 Seater – Light Grey
Zara Large SofaZara Large Sofa
Zara Large Sofa
Sale price€2,645.00
Zara Medium SofaZara Medium Sofa
Zara Medium Sofa
Sale price€2,445.00
Zara Snuggler ChairZara Snuggler Chair
Zara Snuggler Chair
Sale price€1,845.00
Lyra 3 SeaterLyra 3 Seater
Lyra 3 Seater
Regular price €1,975.00 Sale price€1,345.00
Lyra 2 SeaterLyra 2 Seater
Lyra 2 Seater
Regular price €1,695.00 Sale price€1,145.00