Before buying furniture, it is important customers confirm the measurements of their room as well as all access points before placing the order. Measurement details for each furniture item are displayed on their individual product information page

Certain furniture items are fully assembled on arrival and it’s important to check that they will fit into the proportion of the room. We advise customers to check the item will fit through doorways, hallways and up stairs without damaging paintwork or windows. If our delivery team cannot get the furniture item into the house, they will need to return to us at the customer’s expense.

A useful way to check whether furniture will fit in a particular room is to map out the space using masking tape or newspaper. With dining tables, we would advise at least 60cm (24in) clearance from the chair when it’s out from the table to sit comfortably. When replacing older furniture, mark out the area of the new piece compared to the existing piece to check the difference in size.