One of the key ingredients of any room is lighting. Side lamp tables and end of sofa lamps are all important in terms of living space and interior design, from the living room, to the bedroom and even in the hallway.

Here is our quick guide on how to choose the perfect lamp table and lamps.

Between your windows and ceiling lighting, you may feel like you have enough light in a room but every room needs lamps.  Overhead lights may be great for cooking and cleaning, but table lamps offer task lighting for activities like reading, relaxing in the evening and add considerable warmth to every room.

Choose a lamp or lamps that match the tone of your room. The lampshades should tone in and be at eye level when you are sitting on your favourite sofa or recliner. Try to keep all lamps in the same room about the same height. If you love a lamp and it is too tall – try putting it on a smaller lamp table so all shade heights are near enough at the same level. Choose a lamp that has a selection of readily available bulbs from your local hardware store. Sometimes, switching your bulbs from white to warm adds an extra element of warmth to a room and of course, bulbs can be more efficient and green, even when using the trending vintage Edison style bulbs.

You’ve chosen the lighting, the seating, the paint and the rugs, you have placed the upholstery where you want. Now, onto the lamp table itself to find the perfect end tables. There is a wide range of matching living and dining room furniture that offer plenty of options for you to use as sofa end tables or dining room cupboards, so that part can be quite simple to choose from and they usually come at the right height to match the sofa arms or dining room tables. The same can be said for bedroom furniture, where complimentary bedside tables, lockers and dressing tables are a great choice for your lamps. Bedroom furniture can come in several heights, 3,4 or 5 drawer options, to match your chosen lamp height to create a relaxing environment. What you may not be familiar with are nests of tables or table nests. These are usually sets of small tables that store away inside each other to conserve space when not in use. These are perfect for use as a side table or an end table in living rooms and as bedroom side tables.

Learn more about our range of end tables, side tables and lamp tables on our living room page here, or visit our online store here.  We also have a nice range of lamps and lighting here to match any style. Thanks for reading.