It’s exciting times for those who like to get up feeling full of zip. And of course, for Irish mattress lovers of all shapes and sizes.

King Koil has just unveiled it’s 2019 collection, which is now available in our showrooms in Bray, Co Wicklow.

So what makes the new mattress range so good? Well, King Koil has split their range into 3 easy to understand collections offering a wide choice to meet the most demanding of lifestyles. Each mattress is handmade in Kildare, Ireland and backed by the warranty of their long-standing local business. We believe their mattresses are better made, offering the best support and comfort, over the long term. Choose from one of the 3 collections:

The Lifestyle Choice – where products with back support and health associations are gathered.

The Concierge’s Choice – where hotel style products are found. Each mattress is designed around King Koil’s much-cherished hotel mattress collection.

The Craftsman’s Choice – where mattresses of natural fillings and exquisite designs are collected. When it comes to sleep, sometimes only the finest will do.

Each and every King Koil mattress is handmade in Kildare, Ireland. But King Koil is also a leading designer and manufacturer of bed bases and bed headboards. These complementary products, combined with your new King Koil mattress, make a complete bed set. Each element works together to create a comfortable, supportive and long-lasting sleep environment. And looks fantastic to boot.

King Koil is Guaranteed Irish and proud to support 300 direct jobs at their mattress and mattress component factories in Kildare and Dublin.