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King Koil know sleep, it’s been their business for over 100 years.

Every King Koil mattress is handmade in Kildare, Ireland. That’s why King King comforts, supports and performs like no other.

King Koil Mattresses

A luxury brand, built on the best in body support

King Koil began making beds in Ireland in 1982, at a time when bed making practices were little changed or improved over the decades. Their founder, Irishman Solly Woolfson, saw an opportunity to modernize how mattresses were made to increase sleeping comfort and greatly improve the quality of back support.

He began working with the International Chiropractor Association in America, to build back care features in his mattresses, grounded in the best Chiropractic sciences. His introduction of back zone steel bands in the mattress and re-inforced mattress frames broke new ground in preventing mattresses from dipping due to body weight or breaking down at the mattress edges.

Solly opened the first and only Irish family owned, foam and fibre plant in Dublin, so he could improve the quality and lifespan of comfort fillings using new mattress component products, invented in his own factory.

By the 1990s, our reputation for comfort, support and long lifespan made us the most popular bed brand in Irish homes and premium hotels.

Today, modern luxury mixed with old school support

Their purpose has never changed over the decades. They still believe that the key to a great day, is a great night’s sleep. Sleeping is not a passive state, it is an active period of recovery and recuperation, providing the essential fuel for our busy daily lives.

They continually push the boundaries of sleep luxury, introducing the first Pillow Top mattress in the 1990’s and launching the award winning Memory foam with pocket springs mattress in the 2000’s. More recently, they introduced heat and moisture control Gel memory foam to help regulate body temperature as part of using sports performance technology to improve sleep quality.

Today, you can chose from three collections of King Koil mattresses, along with great quality accessories such as bases, headboards, pillows and sleep aids.

  • The Lifestyle Choice – where products with Chiropractor approved back support are gathered.
  • The Consierge’s Choice – where our luxury hotel styled products are found.
  • The Craftsman’s Choice – where products of exquisite design and outstanding luxury are collected.