When you are replacing old furniture that has seen better days or you’re furnishing new premises from a blank canvas, it can be tempting to save by not investing in buying quality furniture. You might be currently working from home and not see the point of splashing out on yourself, or you may be buying for larger institutions and looking to minimise expenditure, but ultimately purchasing low-quality furniture can be a false economy.

For a start, the main issue with buying cheaper furniture is the quality. You might feel you are being savvy with what looks like a bargain deal, but when that new office chair breaks within the first few months you’ll be wishing you had invested in a better model. Imagine if the furniture was for your home and you invest in a bunk bed for your children and the worst happens and leads to an accident. Cheaper pieces of furniture are likely to malfunction and wear out sooner, meaning more cost in having to replace them sooner.

Not only that, but cheaper furniture is liable to break and that can be a serious hazard. If it’s just you that ends up getting hurt because a shelving unit has fallen on your head that can be bad enough, but it’s even worse is if an employee or a client ends up getting injured. In these situations, and especially if you’re responsible for the safety of the public, you have a duty of care, and there can be serious consequences if someone gets hurt.

The other issue with the quality of low-cost furniture is simply comfort. Cheaper furniture is usually indicative of poor or copied design, and the last thing you want while trying to get on with your day’s work is carpal tunnel syndrome from an unfriendly desk or backache from your uncomfortable chair. You want everyone to be as comfortable and productive as possible.

Lastly, is the important issue of style. Sure, you may have saved some money on that reception sofa, or on the conference tables in your meeting rooms, but what do they say about your company? You want your furniture to welcome people and leave a good impression with all clients and create a positive working environment for your employees. Cheap, out of date furniture won’t do that.

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