We often get asked which is the best beanbag for children and you will find them on display upstairs in our showroom as the indoor mini beanbag.

Our indoor mini beanbag is the perfect beanbag for children for so many reasons, but here are some of the key details you need to know.

They look great. These beanbags are available in several colours, black, brown, yellow, orange, pink, aqua, berry and red.

They are very comfortable. Most kids these days spend a lot of time relaxing and gaming online with their friends, so these beanbags are the perfect choice.


beanbag for children for reading

Most Bean bags are just a fabric bag filled with polystyrene beans. Our beanbags are different. Every aspect of their design is carefully considered and 100% focused on delivering ultimate comfort in style. The shape of the beanbag, the choice and cut of the material, the precise amount of direct-filled polystyrene beads, the breathable vents and super-strength double stitching. They combine to deliver the extreme lounging experience. Unsurprisingly, beans play a big part in the comfort of bean bags and ours contain direct-filled polystyrene beads that are designed to absorb body heat and move to mould around your shape. This is what gives you extreme comfort and support.

The seams on our beanbags are double-stitched with a 5’s cotton for extra strength and durability. This makes our products tough enough to withstand the most demanding of loungers.

Our beanbags are designed to be extremely lightweight. With carefully chosen fabrics and hides, our bean bags are known for their quality, strength and portability. So, they’re easy to even children to move around from room to room, even to their friend’s house.

And yes, before you ask, we have adult versions available as well, known as the Mighty Beanbag, available to see and buy in our showroom too. Click here to read more about our beanbags.