Considering buying a sofa bed, but wondering if a plain old sofa might be wiser? In case you needed convincing, we’ve come up with the best reasons why every home should have a sofa that turns into a bed.

Gone are the days when sofa beds were heavy pieces of furniture you felt you had to reinforce the floor for and take 2 people to setup. Many contemporary sofa beds are as chic and svelte as their non-bed sofa counterparts. Just look at this modern style sofa to prove the point.

Large Sofa bed

Sofa Beds come in all shapes and sizes

We’ve all slept on a sofa that turns into a bed, they’re often never quite big enough. They are more like camper beds. The mattresses are thin and you can feel the bed frame beneath. Sofa beds used to be narrow two-seaters at best. Now, there are loveseats, two-seaters, three-seaters and L-shaped sofas that turn into beds, all of which can be easily converted into sleep surfaces to suit your space and your guests.

Functionally, there are choices too, from pull-out sleep surfaces to sofas with backs that fold backwards to provide an instant double bed. Choose one that suits you best. Choose a pull out style and you’ll need plenty of floor space in front of the sofa. Choose a fold backwards sofa, and you’ll need to pull out the entire sofa before you can push the back down to create the bed.

Looking for space-saving options? Look for an armless sofa bed

An armless sofa will allow you to gain extra sleep space if you sacrifice space-grabbing arms. In a small house or apartment, pull out sofa beds for small living rooms will be invaluable, giving you a spare bedroom when you need it at a moments notice.

Having a sofa bed in the living room, snug, TV room or in a bedroom makes perfect sense for families in larger homes, too, where guests might be frequent but a guest bedroom is not an option to have in the home.

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