Rathwood Warranty Information

At Rathwood, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with premium quality products. Our products are crafted using only the finest materials that are carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality of the end product. We offer a wide range of products, and each product is covered by a specific warranty, which varies depending on the product. Please find below the list of products along with their respective warranties

Our Promise To You

In all cases, Rathwood reserves the right to request photos and or videos that accurately depict the issue to enable us to make a full assessment of each case. Each case is handled individually and is reviewed by our Rathwood team. Rathwood reserves the right to provide compensation instead of a replacement when necessary. Our Rathwood warranty specifically covers the framework and structure of your furniture. However, natural wear and tear, damages resulting from misuse, negligence, or incorrect assembly are not included under our warranty. To determine whether the damage is a manufacturing error or due to misuse, we may ask questions about the product's usage and the damage incurred. Our warranties are valid from the delivery date and apply only to the original purchaser. Items sold to third parties are not covered. Please note that our warranties do not cover commercial use.

Product Specific Warranty Information

Rathwood reserves the right not to apply the 5-year guarantee in cases where we deem inappropriate misuse or where items have been tampered with by a third party. The warranty will also not apply in instances deemed to be fair wear and tear by Rathwood. 

For all warranty claims Rathwood reserves the right to acquire further evidence including photos, videos or other means deemed necessary. Rathwood will investigate all claims to the best of their ability and all claims will be dealt with by the relevant customer service advisors, managers and suppliers.

To make a warranty claim or request please contact the customer service team via telephone 059 91 56285 or email furniture@rathwood.com