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19th Century Mahogany Side Table

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A 19th century mahogany side table with a moulded three-quarter gallery and a baluster rail is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. The table features a cavetto frieze and turned supports that add to its aesthetic appeal.

The three-quarter gallery is a raised edge that runs around three sides of the table's top surface, providing a barrier to prevent items from falling off. The gallery is moulded, which means it has a decorative pattern or design carved into it.

The baluster rail is a decorative element that runs along the top of the gallery, adding visual interest to the piece. The rail is made up of balusters, which are small columns that are connected by a rail. The balusters are typically turned, which means they have been shaped on a lathe to create a cylindrical or tapered shape.

The cavetto frieze is a decorative feature that runs along the bottom edge of the table's top surface. It is a concave shape that adds depth and dimension to the piece. The turned supports are the legs of the table and are also decorative, with their shape created by turning on a lathe.

Overall, this 19th century mahogany side table is a stunning piece of furniture that combines functionality with decorative appeal. Its moulded three-quarter gallery with baluster rail, cavetto frieze, and turned supports make it a unique and elegant addition to any room.


Height: 115cm Width: 110cm, Depth: 56cm

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