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Motion Adjustable Bed

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Our minimalist Motion Adjustable Base is the perfect choice to achieve a contemporary look to your bedroom. Complete with back and leg rest adjustment, zero-gravity and anti-snore mode, the Motion base is designed for ultimate comfort and elevated support. Choose to have the Motion base as a cost-effective standalone bed, or retro-fitting within an existing bed frame.

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Adjustable Beds Are Custom Made to Order


These beds are designed to be adjustable, allowing users to customize the position of the bed according to their comfort preferences. This feature can be particularly beneficial for individuals who need to elevate their head or feet for better sleep or health reasons. These beds have the following features:
*Higher Bed Height Of 40CM
*Mattress Pocket Spring Options
*Wireless Controls
*Elevated Back And Foot Rest
*Zero Gravity Positioning
*5 Width Choices

  • Firmness: 3 (Medium)
  • 2500 layered pocket springs
  • Sumptuous layered cashmere and silk
  • Firmness: 4 (Medium/Firm)
  • High-tech hybrid mattress
  • Cool gel matrix surface layer


External Length 210cm | 82¾”
90cm | 3ft Single | 39½"
120cm | 4ft Small Double | 51¼"
140cm | 4ft6 Double | 57"
150cm | 5ft King Dual | 63"
180cm | 6ft Super King Dual | 74¾”

External Height: 110cm | 43¼”